ICIM certification. International passport


At international level ICIM has joined through CISQ the IQNET (International Certification Network) circuit, the world’s largest network of certification bodies working in the field of certification of management systems for quality, the environment, safety and social responsibility. Founded in 1990, IQNET currently consists of 40 certification bodies operating in more than 150 countries with over 350,000 certificates issued worldwide.
The independent CISQ federation, which ICIM has joined, is the only Italian member of IQNet. Thanks to that, all organisations that achieve certification with ICIM obtain the IQNet certificate and the possibility to use the IQNet mark, “international certification passport”.
IQNET members have signed the multilateral agreement that acknowledges worldwide validity of all certificates issued locally. Mutual acknowledgement is based on compliance of fundamental principles of methodology and strictness, and on harmonised processes in certification activities between the partners that belong to the network.


  • Access to international markets through credentials recognised worldwide such as the IQNET certificate and mark that attend the certificate issued by ICIM.
  • Simplification of international certification processes and reduction of the relevant costs.
  • Possibility to make use of local skills and to strengthen performance through value added certification services based on internationally harmonised processes.
  • Easier export thanks to mutual recognition of certification processes among the network’s partners.
  • Possibility of innovation and differentiation on markets.
For further information: Claudia Calza (phone +39 02 72534251, e-mail claudia.calza@icim.it)