ICIM is ASME authorised inspection agency


ICIM, thanks to obtaining the AIA-108 certificate, issued in New York last May 9, is the first Italian body that is able to offer the inspection services set forth by the ASME Code defining certifications for all boilers and pressure components intended for the USA, Canada, Mexico markets as well as other 100 countries in the world, including increasingly strategic economies such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

The AIA ASME qualification awarded to ICIM represents an advantage for the many companies in the industry, which from now on are able to rely on qualified Italian engineers. In fact, ICIM has set up a team of professionals of proven experience, able to liaise immediately with national companies.
It is the first time an Italian organisation is awarded this important recognition. ICIM has been active in the certification of management systems and products since 1988, it is a Notified Body for the PED Directive and Accredited Body for the certification of welding operators and processes. The ASME recognition therefore represents the embodiment of historical experience in the metalworking sector.
As of today Italian manufacturers who possess ASME certifications have the opportunity to liaise directly with an Italian inspection agency that is aware of companies’ management issues, a particularly important factor for our country, ranking 4th worldwide in terms of ASME registered companies.
There are about 250 ASME certified companies in Italy at the moment, for a total of 480 ASME certificates worldwide (4% of the total), ranking fourth after USA, South Korea and China and before India, Germany and Japan.
ICIM’s activity as ASME Inspection Agency is not restricted to Italy alone but may cover all countries where the ASME Code has law status and all situations where companies pursue the ASME certification as distinctive competitive advantage internationally. In fact, users often request the certification system due to its value of conformity guarantee to the Code, even where it is not required by law.
ICIM’s objective is to offer an excellent service, up to the widely acknowledged quality of Italian products, while assuring flexibility and efficiency to manufacturers who rely on ICIM as the only Italian partner. ASME inspectors were selected by ICIM for their national and international experience, skill and professionalism, and represent the feather in the cap of an offering of services that thanks to its specific requirement, we are certain will be most appreciated by Italian manufacturers.

Founded in 1880, ASME today has over 130,000 members in 150 countries, and is the professional organisation universally known for developing the Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code – a set of standards concerning pressure vessels, steam generators, piping and nuclear components – applied as reference standard by boiler makers worldwide. Periodically updated, the ASME BPV Code represents a support for control authorities and is the regulatory framework for rating nuclear reactor components.

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