Professional Certification


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Knowing that the quality of a project, a system or a product is directly proportional to the skills of the people that have contributed to its creation, makes it so that in all technical contexts, and especially in the new green economy, energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors, the road paved by European legislations and by the market is increasingly oriented to favouring skill certification.
Companies are aware that people are a means to the market, the perceived quality of a product and a service can depend on their skills and professional abilities, while a lack of training and appropriate qualifications can become a risk factor for company success.
Therefore, human resources and their skills are one of the main company assets in the current context, constantly mutating towards an economy which is increasingly based on knowledge and on service content due to transformations linked to new technologies, delocalisation and dematerialisation.
While European legislations plan to widen the context of skill certification, extending its applicability beyond the perimeter of the so-called regulated professions, companies need to adapt quickly to the new context with appropriately selected, trained and qualified people.
Thanks to the skills developed in process and product certification, ICIM has developed an articulate proposal which includes both regulated certifications and voluntary certifications of professional roles.
In the binding context, ICIM is an accredited organisation, recognised by the Ministry of the Environment for issuing certifications of professional roles operating in the installation and maintenance sectors of fixed equipment for refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump and fire prevention systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases, recovery of fluorinated gases from high voltage converters, use of solvents containing fluorinated gases.
In the voluntary field, ICIM works in the context of production chains already supplied with other services, along with entrepreneurial sector associations.
The latest developed models especially regard the following:

  1. maintenance operators of fire hydrant networks,
  2. maintenance operators of fire extinguishers,
  3. maintenance operators of fire stop doors,
  4. welders and brazers,
  5. experts in energy management (EGE).

In its development strategy, ICIM is always attentive towards verifying market requests to identify new professional roles needing the recognition of certification, to give value to their professional abilities in the European market.
With its own experts, ICIM also follows the development of UNI standards regarding the main technical roles in the installation sectors.