Industry 4.0


Innovative technologies, smart machines, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, internet of things, interconnection, monitoring productive processes through Big Data. All that is Industry 4.0, a revolution that defines a new productive model for increased productivity and quality of the manufacturing industry thanks to greater flexibility, production speed and optimisation of real-time process monitoring.
The new paradigm allows companies to increase their competitiveness on the market, consolidating their role along the entire value chain: from design, to production through to supply of the goods, up to logistics and distribution systems.
The Italian Government has launched an ambitious Industry 4.0 Plan in 2017, with the aim of boosting this transformation, involving the entire production fabric, often consisting of SMEs. Resources, investments and skills are required, to maintain and improve the primacy that Italian manufacturing is able to boast internationally.
Thanks to the skills acquired in more than 25 years of activity at the service of companies in certification of systems and products and in inspection and training, ICIM is ready to support companies in the great challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution currently underway in Italy and abroad.
ICIM supports companies with a wide range of services devoted to Industry 4.0, starting from certification of requirements to access to tax benefits of extra depreciation – mandatory for investment exceeding  €500,000 per individual asset and optional for lower amounts – important to provide assurance of correct application and avoid the risk of litigation. Furthermore, assessment and certification services concerning IT security, business continuity, asset management or security of innovative man-machine interfaces. In other words, all services that have the aim of reducing the business risk and promote process improvements.
In addition to assessment services, ICIM provides a differentiated training offering to meet the new Industry 4.0 dynamics, from acquiring knowledge concerning safety and reduction of business risk, to understanding what are the new roles, skills and knowledge required from Human Resources to tackle change.

Industry 4.0 is innovation and innovation has always been a ‘must’ for ICIM.

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