3D Check


3D CHECK is an innovative service developed by ICIM and ANIMA, Federation of the Associations of Sundry Metalworking Industry and Similar.
3D CHECK is an investigation tool that provides the management of any organisation with full visibility and knowledge of their organisation’s position in terms of the voluntary and binding regulatory requirements applicable to their products, and of applicable environmental and workplace health and safety issues.
The aim of 3D CHECK is to offer a snapshot of everyday operations to understand the level of “knowledge”, “compliance” and “valorisation” of statutory fulfilments – national laws, European directives etc. concerning the company and its products – as well as voluntary ones, within the technical-operative procedures and rules of conduct in place also in order to generate an improvement process that is able to meet ever better the expectations of one’s customers and of the whole national and international market in general.
3D CHECK investigates 3 main areas:

  • The PRODUCT area, to monitor possible deviations from standards, or applicable documents, which undermine compliance with binding requirements or special customer requests.
  • The ENVIRONMENT area, to monitor possible deviations from legal obligations and environmental issues relative to production processes.
  • The HEALTH and SAFETY area, to monitor possible hazard situations generated by shortcomings in terms of health and safety in the workplace.


  • Highlight any deviations of one’s products and/or operative procedures and rules of conduct on applicable statutory requirements, either national or international.
  • Prevent any critical issues, litigation with stakeholders, claims and sanctions to make performance effective on matters of environment, workplace health and safety, adequacy of the product to its reference markets and/or possible applications.
  • Highlighting areas for improvement, real and potential, to allow for healthy, competitive, winning growth.
  • Increase the level of critical analysis to implement effective dynamics of “management and control”.
  • Increase one’s level of competitiveness by way e.g. of cutting costs, decreasing the risk of incurring sanctions, enhancing the value of one’s brand and market placement with respect to competitors.
For further information: Edoardo Dossena (phone +39 02 72534259, e-mail edoardo.dossena@icim.it)