Biofuels: new operating instructions by Mise



Good news for foreign economic operators who want to obtain Italian double counting for UCO.

In Italy, each biodiesel batch must come from a production chain that is certified under Italian National Certification System, in order to be eligible for Double Counting.

Referring to used cooking oils, up until today, Italian National Scheme required that, for UCO collected outside Italy, each and every element of Biofuel supply chain must be certified, including Points of Origin (i.e. bars and restaurants).

With a newsletter released on August the 3rd, Ministry for Economic Development has totally modified this scenario, establishing that UCO collected in a foreign Country can now be eligible to double counting if companies prove that:

  1. at least collecting point is certified (not the points of origin!);
  2. collecting point has the complete suppliers’ list;
  3. along with self declarations, collecting point provides consistent data about UCO’s traceability;
  4. those documents and information are kept at the company’s premises, for further verifications.

ICIM is accredited by ACCREDIA with its ICIM RED IT proprietary scheme for issuing biofuel and bioliquid certification in compliance with the National Certification System established by Italian Decree dated 23 January 2012 of Italian Environment Ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

This Decree establishes that manufacturers of biodiesel and bioliquids used for transport and production of electricity and thermal energy must obtain the certification that proves their compliance with production process sustainability and traceability and mass balance criteria, in order to allow verifying the proper composition and actual CO2 reduction. The certification is mandatory to access the incentive system and must be issued by a third party Body qualified by Accredia, single Italian accreditation body. As of today, ICIM is the only Italian Body entitled to issue this certification.

The ICIM RED scheme was developed by an ICIM work group based on the principles of EU Directive 28/2009 and has already been officially submitted in Brussels and is pending European Commission approval.

While awaiting for EU recognition, ICIM has recently entered into an agreement with ISCC – International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, one of the first EU qualified schemes and has become a Cooperating Certification Body for the ISCC scheme regarding bioliquids and biofuel. This allows it to certify compliance with the requirements for both the Italian and the European market, a necessary condition for exporting outside national borders.