ISO 20121 – Event Sustainability


Standard ISO 20121 is a guideline that defines the requirements for development and implementation of a management system for event sustainability indicating a scheme within which organisers and their suppliers are able to organise a sustainable event and liaise with the concerned parties within a concept of sustainability seen as a method by which a company conducts its activities to achieve financial returns in compliance with principles of ethics, social responsibility and environment protection.
Through the integration of the typical model of management systems with the life cycle of events, standard ISO 20121 aims to define the stages to plan and carry out an event – from the definition of a policy for sustainable development to the identification of stakeholders and the context the event is set in, from the definition of the necessary resources to the identification of key performance indicators (KPI), from operational control to definition of the methods to monitor the event to identify and assess performance and consequent actions for improvement.

Achieving certification according to ISO 20121 allows to demonstrate that all financial, economic, social and environmental aspects have been taken into account when organising a certain event.
When organising an event, companies will be able to concretely demonstrate its commitment to the environment by reducing energy consumption or using eco-friendly materials, and towards social principles through fair trade purchases or attention to the needs of people suffering from a disability or allergies and food intolerances.
A certified sustainable event is best practice of corporate social responsibility, conveys the principles of sustainability to target audiences and helps to strengthen the competitive position of the company that promotes it.
It is possible to integrate the management system for event sustainability according to ISO 20121 with other management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

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