Energy efficiency


efficienza energetica

The current economic context creates the need to meet ever increasing energy requests, while accounting for the need to reduce global warming and pollution emission into the atmosphere.
Rational use of energy, decreasing waste, new technologies to decrease consumption of traditional sources and use of renewable sources are the themes on which the legislators, the market and the consumers are focused on, and that, thanks to a high level of innovation, can represent a new opportunity for interesting developments in terms of profit and employment.
In a market which is more and more sensitive to the theme of competition, energy efficiency, intended as reduction of consumption with equal performance, is increasingly more often becoming a factor of success for companies. Energy efficiency allows for financial saving, it can contribute to improving living comfort, reduces emissions in the atmosphere, and also allows for compliance with binding dispositions introduced to reduce the environmental impact of certain emission sources.
Companies who adopt an in-house energy management system, or offer energy services to improve the energy efficiency of their own customers, can add value to their commitment by certifying their management system.
The certification of companies managing energy services (ESCo) is by now a selection parameter for suppliers in both the private and public sector; also, this certification allows companies to meet requirements to access incentives provided for energy efficiency.
ICIM today has become the main Italian reference and one of the most important international experts in the field of certification services for the energy efficiency market, of rational use of traditional sources and renewable energy.
With abilities extended to all nodes of the production chain, other than product certifications, ICIM adds

production lot inspection and evaluation activities, due diligence on systems, component checks, production site qualifications: a complete monitoring system, from design to installation.
ICIM can supply companies with its certification services to meet national, European and international technical standards, and with regulation documents developed in-house to allow for the most wide-ranging approach flexibility, and the possibility to meet every need.
ICIM operates worldwide by means of highly qualified technicians and accredited laboratories, allowing it to meet market requests as effectively as possible.