Thermal renewable


solare termico

Attention to environmental sustainability, diversification of sources of energy supply, incentive mechanisms and opportunities for savings are the elements that contribute to increase every day the number of plants generating heat and energy supplied from renewable energy sources.
Photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal, biomass, geothermal and hydrogen are now common terms, and it is increasingly common to find these plants both at home and in industrial and agricultural enterprises.
Their growth and spread is also the result of significant technological innovation that has developed in recent years and that has not yet allowed us to consolidate uniform quality standards and recognized by the market, or to define specific skills and qualifications for designers and installers.
The quality of a system affects the safety of users and of those who are called to work (service technicians), but also has heavy economic implications given that the return on investment depends on a specific energy efficiency established in the terms of specifications.
A poor design, the choice of components unsuitable or poor quality characteristics, installation is not well performed by staff with adequate training, testing procedures not defined properly or the failure definition of minimum standards of maintenance the plant can cause significant loss of efficiency, sometimes not immediately identifiable.
In order to ensure their quality performance and safety of plants powered by renewable energy sources, ICIM proposed systems of assessment and verification through an approach that takes into account all the parameters that identify the quality, safety and energy efficiency, and allows to examine all stages of installation of the system – from design to choice of components – and to assess the suitability according to the specifications defined by the client.
Leading certification body for certification of photovoltaic modules, solar thermal collectors, valves and components for solar thermal systems, ICIM is considered a benchmark for companies that produce and install equipment and wish to qualify their product with the certification.
In addition to services for the supply chain, ICIM certifies installation firms according to a certification service that identifies the essential parameters that the installation company should provide to their customers, and verifies its adequacy.

ICIM was the first Italian body and is one of 9 European authorized by ESTIF to issue certification Solar Keymark for solar collectors and solar systems.
The Solar Keymark is the European brand developed by CEN (European Committee for Standardization), which effectively imposes itself as a “European passport quality” for collectors and solar systems for water heating.
The ICIM certification also addresses the reality that produces special components for complete systems – insulated pipes, valves of various types, pumps, control systems, tanks – and wishing to demonstrate the quality, safety and functionality of its products in the application to the field solar thermal.


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