As well as being accredited in Italy with ACCREDIA, ICIM has consolidated its presence abroad, working directly or through bilateral or multilateral agreements, with both the issue of certificates and with inspections carried out by second and third parties.

ICIM is Autorized Inspection Agency in accordance with the applicable rules of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standard. ICIM is the first Italian body that is able to offer the inspection services set forth by the ASME Code defining certifications for all boilers and pressure components intended for the USA, Canada, Mexico markets as well as other 100 countries in the world, including increasingly strategic economies such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

ICIM is a Notified Body for the main European product directives and is also a body acknowledged by CEN for the issue of the Solar Keymark, by IECEE for the issue of the CB certificate for photovoltaic modules and by UNI for the issue of the UNI-ICIM mark. It is acknowledged within ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) as a Certification Body for the certification of bioliquids and biofuels.

Accreditation Certificate_Quality Management System
Accreditation Certificate_Environmental Management System
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Certficate of Acceptance to participate in the IECEE CB-SCHEME
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