AS/EN 9100 – Aerospace


Standard AS/EN 9100 is based on standard ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems – and adds specific requirements of Authorities and aerospace and defence industry Manufacturers. Particular attention is paid to the configuration management and industry methodologies and to additional specific requirements regarding quality, reliability and safety in flight.
Standard AS/EN9100 is applicable to Organisations that produce parts and components intended for the aerospace sector, operating in aerospace maintenance and which market parts for the aviation industry.

The IAQG – International Aerospace Quality Group- founded by the Aerospace Industry in 1998 as the outcome of a shared programme for worldwide cooperation with the aim of achieving significant improvements in quality and cost cuts in the supply chain for all industry products and services, has developed specific requirements of quality systems that must be implemented and maintained throughout the supply chain in design, manufacturing and maintenance activities of the products used in aviation and in aerospace applications. The ICOP certification scheme includes, in addition to accreditation agencies, bodies and companies to be certified, also the aviation industry (OEM) which performs audits and inspections within the scheme, assuring compliance with the rules.
The requirements defined above, especially restrictive to assure the required level of safety and reliability, have been published as series AS/EN/JISQ 9100 in USA, Europe and Asia, and have become the certification standard recognised worldwide for the Aerospace industry.

Only the Quality Management Systems whose certification is issued in accordance with the requirements of the Aerospace Certification Scheme by an Accredited Body using certified aerospace auditors of the aviation supply chain are recognised and accepted.
The Organisations certified according to standard AS/EN 9100 are inserted in a worldwide database to ensure the updated certification status is available.
The activity to audit and issue certification is conducted by a Certification Body with accreditation recognised by the Accreditation Body (NAB), ACCREDIA in Italy.

THE NEW 9100
The new 9100 includes as new requirements: management of the operational risk, product safety, special requirements, critical parts, configuration management, delivery performance, counterfeit parts, additional requirements for production and suppliers.

ICIM is a Body accredited by ACCREDIA for standard AS/EN9100.

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