ASME Authorised Inspection Agency


ICIM is an AUTHORISED ITALIAN INSPECTION AGENCY (AIA) with ASME accreditation thanks to the ASME AIA-108 certificate obtained on 9 May 2016. Like AIA, ICIM caters to the boiler industry with a number of services:

  • inspection and monitoring during equipment construction;
  • inspections on demand / licence of US governmental agencies;
  • specific audits when required by the Code;
  • verification of the process for obtaining/renewing the ASME certificate;
  • repairs and alterations, inspections at the factory to ascertain the correctness and conformity of repairs or alterations made on the equipment;
  • inspections and audits on a voluntary basis.

Founded in 1880 with over 130,000 members in 150 countries, ASME is known for developing the Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code – a set of standards concerning pressure vessels, steam generators, piping, nuclear components – applied as reference standard by boiler makers worldwide.
The ASME Code defines requirements for design, material selection, construction and inspection of pressure products and components and is used in case of special critical issues for high risk applications in design and operation, such as rating nuclear reactor components.
The European and International markets increasingly often require double PED and ASME certification.
Compliance with the ASME Code and the relevant certification, lasting three years, takes place through the work of the ASME accredited AIAs every time equipment marking in accordance with the Code is required.


  • Exporting to the USA, Canada and to 150 countries, significantly increasing your target markets.
  • Differentiating your products, certifying their quality thanks to compliance with the most widespread Code worldwide.
  • Obtaining insurance benefits.
  • Certifying your personnel’s skills thanks to specific knowledge on the use of the ASME Code.
  • Gaining in internal effectiveness and efficiency.

ICIM offers a portfolio of services that addresses all market needs of companies in the sector, assuring competence, professionalism and timeliness of services thanks to the skills, experience and qualifications of the team of qualified Supervisors and Auditors recognised by the National Board, the sole and only American authority responsible for all pressure equipment marked, installed and commissioned in the United States (
ICIM is also the Notified Body for inspection activities according to the PED Directive and Accredited Body for qualifications of welding processes and for welders’ qualifications.
ICIM provides inspection activities according to the requirements of Standard EN 10204 – type 3.2 and is able to support organisations that intend to certify system and products for manufacturing safety devices (safety valves, rupture discs, etc.) and for manufacturing materials for nuclear components.

For further information: Marco Croci (phone +39 02 72534257, e-mail