Assessment of system equipment


Energy converting systems for residential and industrial uses require to be continuously monitored, with their main components being periodically inspected.
The inspections cover steam generators, turbines, compressors and, more generally, all pressure equipment having to comply with the regulatory requirements of the PED Directive and must be periodically checked to assess their conditions and be subject to maintenance to ensure proper reliability.

ICIM conducts activities to assess the condition of system equipment which, although not the responsibility of third party entities under applicable standards except for certain pressurised equipment, allow the company to obtain unquestionable advantages such as: guaranteed inspection by skilled personnel according to validated methods based on international standards, comprehensive documents on the inspections performed, evidence of results obtained in case of alienation of property, efficient planning of inspections to be performed.


  • Assessment of pressure equipment critical operating issues.
  • Drafting of adequate inspection plans to prevent malfunction risks of system components.
  • Periodic inspection and test operations established on system components and on pressure equipment.
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