Multi-channel customer contact centres


Standard UNI 11200:2010 “Relation services with the customer, with the consumer and with the citizen, made through contact centres” has transposed European standard EN 15838:2009 and has the aim of qualifying the sector by specifying the minimum requirements for contact centres, providing the best practices to meet customer expectations, assuring service quality and technical skills of operators.

UNI 11200 defines the reference parameters of requirements for service provided by contact centres, useful for objective assessment of the quality level of the service provided, regardless of the organisational model or of the technology used, and aims at promoting the development of services that are effective, high quality and cost-effective, emphasising the importance of respecting privacy, workplace safety, applicable contracts, operators’ professional level, effective monitoring of service levels.

Certification entails significant advantages, from improving quality in contacts with customers to containing costs through streamlining processes and understanding services better, to greater personnel loyalty building to quality and effectiveness of results and customer satisfaction.

Additional advantages are possible through integration of UNI 11200:2010 with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, which assures effective process control and adequately enhancing the value of the service and its components.
ICIM is among the few accredited bodies at European level to issue certifications for customer, consumer and citizen relation services, provided through contact centres.

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