Directive RED 2009/28/EC – Biofuels and bioliquids


Directive 2009/28/EC, promoting the use of energy from renewable sources, establishes that the European Union should reach the goal of 20% renewable energy over total energy consumption within 2020, in addition to a 20% greenhouse gas decrease and 20% increase in energy efficiency. Specifically, in the transport sector, 10% of the energy used must be from renewable sources.
Bio-fuels and bio-liquids are included in the renewable sources under the Directive as long as they meet  specific sustainability requirements.  Said requirements have the purpose of distinguishing the bio-fuels and bio-liquids the use of which leads to effective environmental benefits e.g. through reduction of greenhouse gases, protecting the land etc.

The sustainability criteria must be complied with by all economic operators of the bio-fuel and bio-liquid production chain such as farmers, crushers, refineries, traders, producers of waste and by-products, bio-diesel production facilities.
To prove compliance with the Directive’s sustainability requirements and, in cases set forth by individual member states, to be able to also access benefits, economic operators must achieve specific certification.
The Directive allows economic operators to prove conformity to the sustainability requirements via the following options:

  • applying a voluntary certification system approved by the European Community;
  • applying a certification system set up nationally.

ICIM is accredited by ACCREDIA, for certification of the sustainability of bio-fuels and bio-liquids according to the National Certification System, which was set up with Decree dated 23.01.2012 by the Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea which aims at measuring compliance with the requirements set forth by the directive with regards to national objectives and compliance with other obligations on renewable energies.
ICIM is a COOPERATING CERTIFICATION BODY, for certification according to the ISCC – International Sustainability & Carbon Certification scheme, one of the first schemes approved by the European Community and the most popular internationally.

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