Periodic audit lifts


1.1_Verifiche periodiche ascensori

The DPR 162/99 that acknowledge the directive 95/16/CE (lifts directive), provides that the owner of the building where a lift is installed, or his legal representative, has to perform a regular maintenance of the plant, thus putting it through a periodic check every second year by specially authorized bodies.
The purpose of the periodic audits is to ensure the efficiency of the plant components, thus establishing the operation safety and the regular operation of safety devices. At the end of the periodic audit, the related report is issued to the owner, as well as to the company in charge of the maintenance.
ICIM, with its inspectors, is able to perform all audit activities provided by the DPR 162/99, which are:

  1. testing to put the plant into service;
  2. periodic audits;
  3. extraordinary audits as a result of periodic check report with a negative outcome;
  4. extraordinary audits in case of major accidents, to put the plant back into service;
  5. extraordinary audits in case of edits to the plant.

ICIM is able to satisfy the customer needs through the offer of a qualified service and the guarantee of flexibility and speed of execution.