Cooperation Agreement ICIM – TOLOE DANESH KEYFI


gruppo di persone che si prende per mano_0In order to further develop international presence, ICIM has signed in September 2012 a cooperation agreement with the company Toloe Danesh Keyfi (TDQ), based in Tehran, which has been operating for years in the certification of management systems (Quality, Environment, Security and Safety, Automotive and Food sectors).

The agreement provides that TDQ act as technical contact for ICIM certification activities in Iran, with the specific task of developing business opportunities and managing operational activities, in accordance with ICIM policies and ISO 17021:2011 requirements (point 7.5). ICIM will have direct control over the activities of: qualification of auditors, approval of quotation and audit planning.
Within a few months, a large number of Iranian companies has shown a growing interest in ICIM services, especially in the Automotive sector, considering the presence of several important international companies and suppliers in the region.
TDQ team competence is reinforced by the presence of IATF qualified personnel for audits in the automotive industry, with more than ten years of experience in the industry.
ICIM and TDQ, represented by ICIM CEO Gaetano Trizio and TDQ Director Saeed Ghodoussi, are committed to develop a successful collaboration, expanding significantly in the coming months the services available to companies in the region.

Who is TDQ
TDQ (Tolo Danesh Keyfi Co.) Company established on June 2012 in Iran under Iranian business low, provides Assessment, Inspection, System as well as Product Certification and Training services worldwide according to latest standards and schemes. TDQ provides and maintains highest value of reliability in its service processes thanks to deep competences and experiences gained by its technical and management team in different  sectors like OEM, Governmental, Industrial, Commercial, Service and Social.

Contact person: Mr. Saeed Ghodoussi


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