Energy efficiency of companies, systems and equipment


Rational use of energy, waste reduction, new technologies to decrease consumption of conventional sources and use of renewable sources are the issues which the lawmakers, the market and the consumers are focused on, and that, thanks to a high level of innovation, may represent a new opportunity for interesting developments in terms of turnover and employment.
Energy efficiency – seen as a reduction of consumption with performance being equal – is increasingly a factor for a company’s success as it allows for financial savings, it contributes to improving living comfort, reduces emissions in the atmosphere, and makes it possible to comply with statutory provisions introduced to reduce the environmental impact of certain emission sources.


Third party certification brings undeniable benefits to companies who implement an in-house energy management system, or offer energy services to improve the energy efficiency of their own customers. As a matter of fact, by certifying their management system, companies are able to objectively evidence their commitment and their skills.
Furthermore, the certification of ESCos, companies that manage energy services is a well-established selection parameter for suppliers in both the private and public sector and allows companies to meet the requirements to access incentives provided for energy efficiency.

ICIM is a certification body accredited by ACCREDIA and is the main Italian benchmark and one of the most important international experts in the field of certification services for the energy efficiency market, of rational use of conventional sources and renewable energy. Thanks to the services of its highly qualified technicians and accredited laboratories, ICIM is active worldwide offering companies services concerning national, European and international technical standards and regulatory documents developed in-house in order to meet any need.

In addition to product certification, ICIM provides production batch inspection and assessment activities, due diligence on systems, component checks, production site qualification: comprehensive supervision, from design to installation.

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