Expediting refers to the progress monitoring activity of specifications in the purchase order wit the aim of ensuring suppliers comply with the order requirements in terms of delivery times and quantity supplied through expediting actions.
The need to keep individual supplies under control to achieve the company’s quality standards and because it is contractually requested by the end user is ever more critically significant, especially in case of complex contracts where monitoring progress of projects entrusted to individual suppliers allows the customer to avoid inefficiencies and risk to incur penalties during contract management.

ICIM performs monitoring activities worldwide. Thanks to an operative network of qualified inspectors ICIM acts internationally with highly competent local resources in the sector of interest: from oil&gas to petrochemical, from energy to pharmaceutical, from iron and steel to shipbuilding.

ICIM operates on the basis of specifications received by the customer – purchase order, inspection & test plan, applicable technical specifications and data sheets – and according to planning agreed between customer and supplier, and sends to the Customer, at the end of each inspection, a written Expediting Report supported by photographic documentation evidencing the tests and inspections conducted and reporting any critical issues on quality and delivery times of the supply.

In many cases, the Expediting activity goes hand in hand with Quality Inspection

For further information: Marco Croci (phone +39 02 72534257, e-mail marco.croci@icim.it)