ISO 14001 – Environment


The ISO 14001 standard represents the state of the art in the universally recognised organisation model for company environmental management and applied by organisations active in the private and public sector.
Certification in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard provides evidence to the market that the organisation has correctly implemented an environmental management system according to regulatory requirements.

The ISO 14001 enhances the credibility gained over the years and further consolidates its status of “good” standard by supporting the concept of sustainable development, a highly topical issue today, whose goal is achieving a form of balance between environment, society and economy.
ISO 14001 represents a valuable tool for organisations that intend having a systemic and systematic approach to proper environmental management to:

  • protect the environment through prevention or reduction of negative environmental impacts;
  • mitigate the potential negative effect of environmental conditions on the organisation;
  • improve environmental performance in fulfilling regulatory obligations;
  • monitor the life cycle of products and services from design to disposal.

The main of ISO 14001:2015

  • standard layout according to the new ISO approach (High Level Structure);
  • setting the company in the context and target market it operates in, in a “multidimensional” concept of company and environmental confines;
  • introduction of the risk assessment concept;
  • emphasising requirements concerning leadership;
  • Life Cycle Perspective in environmental management of products and services and, more generally, in environmental management of companies and the complex of relations with partners in one’s supply chain;
  • greater integration with other system standards to address the needs of organisations sensitive to sustainability principles.


  • To prove the organisation’s awareness and commitment to environment protection.
  • To underline all the organisation personnel’s commitment to and awareness of environment protection.
  • To evidence environmental checks and risk management.
  • To increase competitive advantage on the market, strengthening one’s reputation as a sustainable organisation.

ICIM is a body accredited by ACCREDIA for certification of Environmental Management Systems according to UNI EN ISO standard 14001.

ICIM is also Accredited Body to issue the EMAS Registration.

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