ISO 55001 – Company assets


For all organisations, both public and private, assets generate value because they are the starting point to provide one’s customers or partners the expected service or product.
Assets, either tangible or intangible, must be suitably managed to assure stakeholders’ satisfaction and the organisation’s very life.
Managing the assets means identifying them, defining their features, selecting them, acquiring them if needed, maintaining them efficient, taking care of disposal and replacement.
Correct asset management gives rise to a greater ability to allocate investments where they are most productive, to take decisions on development routes, to plan actions and assess their results.
This leads to a significant decrease of the business risk whose variables are constantly monitored and whose evidence can be discussed with the stakeholders, generating a reputation increase for the organisation.
Standard ISO 55001 supports organisations in defining the requirements of an asset management system with the aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness to achieve sustainability and performance objectives.
Standard ISO 55001 is based on objective criteria and is the element that completes the various schemes outlining the path of management systems as it makes it possible to consider and above all integrate all aspects characterising the life cycle of an asset.
Organisations operating in real estate and facility management sectors and supply chains and operating in strongly competitive national and international markets are most affected by increasingly more effective asset management in terms of optimising assets as a value and increasing levels of sustainability, safety, efficiency and performance.


  • In order to recognise which assets are strategic, what risks they entail, how to manage assets along their entire life cycle.
  • To improve performance through correctly sharing and interacting best practices concerning asset management.
  • To increase the organisation’s value by optimising economic, social and environmental costs.
  • To increase the organisation’s reputation showing to stakeholders the structural ability for asset management according to a consolidated system.
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