ISO 9001 – Quality


The ISO 9000 series standards define international requirements for quality management systems.
The ISO 9000 standard represents the state of the art in company management organisation models, universally recognised and applied by organisations, both in the private and public sector.
Certification in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard provides evidence to the market that the organisation has correctly implemented a quality management system according to regulatory requirements.
In Italy, an ever higher number of organisations recognises the distinctive value of a certified Quality Management System.

The last revision of the ISO 9001 standard offers to organisations appropriate methods for managing the ever greater complexity due to continuous changes of the sector they operate in and to the changing needs of the market and various parties concerned.
The main of the ISO standard 9001:2015

  • standard layout according to the new ISO approach (High Level Structure);
  • setting the company within its location and target market;
  • emphasising requirements concerning leadership;
  • introduction of the risk assessment concept;
  • responsible quality, focusing on process effectiveness;
  • “red tape” simplification of system documentation;
  • greater integration with other system standards to address the needs of organisations sensitive to sustainability principles.


  • To prove the organisation’s awareness and commitment to quality and Customer satisfaction.
  • To assure to the market consistency of products and services with customer requirements as well as compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • To monitor continuous improvement in terms of organisation, costs, results, strengthening of competitiveness.
  • To strengthen relations among all parties concerned, Customers and Suppliers.
  • To operate in a market where certification is considered a qualifying element to be able to take part in public tenders.

ICIM is a body accredited by ACCREDIA for certification of Quality Management Systems according to UNI EN ISO standard 9001.

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