Metal products inspection



The requests specified by customers in purchase orders of metal products and the requirements of construction codes, especially for pressurised equipment, call for the products to be certified according to standard EN 10204, whose scope of application concerns pipes, sheet metal, forgings, flanges, rolled items, belts, extrusions, fittings, hardware.
The aim of the certification is to meet the requirements for metal materials of Customers’ specifications, calculation codes for design and construction of pressurised equipment, to meet the resistance requirements expressed in structural calculations to construct systems on which said metal products are to be installed. Therefore the certificate of inspection of metal products according to standard EN 10204 certifies conformity to the purchase order with express indication of the outcome of the specific inspection on the product.
ICIM is a certification and inspection body for performing the activities required to issue the inspection certificate according to the requirements of Standard EN 10204 – type 3.2 for metal materials and for iron and steel products.


  • Desk audit of the chemical analysis certificate for recognising the material or base metal product.
  • Audit of production activities, from reception of the base material to obtaining the semi-finished product or finished product (production process for melting, forging, drawing or rolling) taking samples, production test samples and punching the same, the semi-finished or finished product.
  • Monitoring in the laboratory to assess correct execution of mechanical tests after the required thermal treatments.
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