PED – Pressure Equipment


European Directive 2014/68/EU PED –Pressure Equipment Directive – replacing Directive 97/23/EC has definitively come into force on 19 July 2016, specifically in Italy with transposition implemented with Legislative Decree 15 February 2016, No.26.
Directive 2014/68/EU does not modify the technical structure of the previous directive, but still introduces some new features concerning classification of fluids, definition of the roles of economic operators connected to the directive (Manufacturer, authorised representative, importer and distributor) and the name of the forms concerning the conformity procedures, with some of them being upgraded.
The PED Directive concerns pressurised equipment as well as assemblies that include at least one pressurised item of equipment. Its aim is to guarantee free circulation of these products in all member States of the European Union and concerns the “design, manufacturing and assessment of conformity of pressurised equipment and assemblies subject to maximum admissible pressure PS higher tan 0.5 bar”.
Vessels, pipes, safety accessories and pressure accessories such as condensers, evaporators, liquid storage and receivers, filters, valves, piping, pressure switches, thermostats, pressure gauges, thermometers are subject to the provisions of the standard. However, all products which although being pressurised fall under other directives (e.g. machines, medical devices, etc.), which are used on means of transport (cars, aircraft, ships and trains) or which have particular applications (nuclear, military) or, finally, whose risk is considerably low (soccer balls, beverage cans, etc.) are excluded.
Compliance with the safety requirements is evidenced by CE MARKING which guarantees that the equipment, from design and construction, through to installation and maintenance, do not undermine people’s health and safety.
CE Marking, obligatory to place the pressurised equipment on the European market, is issued by a Notified Body following assessment of conformity with the requirements of the PED Directive.
ICIM, PED Notified Body with number 0425 with authorisation issued by the Ministry for Economic Development following specific accreditation by ACCREDIA, performs conformity assessment activities for all Forms set forth in the PED Directive.

ICIM is able to support manufacturers with a wide range of services, from analysis of the most appropriate Conformity Assessment Form, or Forms, to assessments on products and design, up to commissioning the pressurised equipment and assemblies, so they more effectively comply with the requirements set forth by the PED Directive.
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