PPG – Guaranteed Origin Product


PPG – Guaranteed Origin Product is a proprietary ICIM certification scheme that stems from the need to identify solutions that strengthen product identity in compliance with EC regulations, identity that may be verified by any party in the distribution chain, from the company that wishes to protect its brand to the consumer who checks the originality of the purchased goods.
Because nowadays, Made in Italy is exposed to the phenomenon of counterfeiting that concerns all product sectors and may cause considerable economic and image damage to businesses, distortions of competition, risks to the safety and health of consumers.
In some sectors, the absence of European standards and the differences between the systems in force in Member States has caused distortions and products imported from third countries and distributed on the European market are marketed without any information or with misleading information whose traceability may be difficult to prove.

The proprietary ICIM certification scheme is applicable to all industrial sectors and has the aim of providing assurance to stakeholders on the geographical origin of the product’s components and on the compliance with quality standards during assembly.
The Guaranteed Origin Product certification applies to companies producing the finished product and to companies producing the main components and is issued against checking final assembly performed in Italy or Europe.

The certification, which does not concern aspects to do with product safety and performance, is issued following a desk and field audit which certifies conformity of the finished product, of components and production steps to the requirements of the Scheme.
The Certificate issued to the company producing components has annual duration, the Certificate issued to the company producing the finished product has three-year duration and entails annual surveillance-maintenance.

The certification procedure ends with issuance of the PPG Mark  which evidences that the finished product is assembled in Italy or in a European Union country with components of Italian or European origin.
QRTIFY™, an innovative ICIM proprietary system that makes it possible to actually verify the stated information, is connected to the PPG Mark.
QRTIFY™ uses an identification QR Code, encrypted and unique, which contains all then information on the product it refers to assure consistency between the information and the representations. It is a customised digital footprint, unique and non-replicable, thanks to which the individual product is identified, making it possible to verify authenticity and traceability.

Certification guarantees the origin of components and assembly of the finished product via a traceability system based on innovative solutions. It is an effective method to protect Italian/European production carried out in conformity to recognised quality requirements and to communicate the fact that the product is actually Italian/European and distinguish it so that end users are enabled to choose on the basis of transparency and truthful information.

For further information: Federico Pasqui (phone +39 02 72534222, e-mail federico.pasqui@icim.it)