Pre Shipment Inspection


Pre Shipment Inspection refers to the activity to inspect goods prior to shipping to assess integrity and conformity of the supply in case of specific request by the customer and when the supply is under a letter of credit in case of international sale contracts.
Pre Shipment Inspection may be requested by all categories of operators involved in international sale contracts: suppliers, buyers, financial intermediaries for credit guarantees (banks, insurance companies, trading companies).

ICIM ensures the supply meets the customer’s requirements in terms of quantity as well as quality.
ICIM assesses consistency between the order specifications and the goods’ accompanying documents to meet quantity requirements and ensures the goods have no defects that may be identified by an experienced and qualified examination to meet quality requirements.
With its activity, ICIM guarantees both the customer in the certainty that the goods ordered are conforming, and the supplier in the certainty of collecting what they are owed promptly.
To inspect prior to shipment components and modules for photovoltaic systems, ICIM has set up a specific procedure that also entails the option of certifying that the goods being shipped have undergone the intended laboratory tests and have passed them successfully.

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