Professional skills


Human resources are one of the primary assets of a business. While skills and professionalism can depend on the perceived quality of a product and service, lack of training and adequate qualification can become a risk factor for the success of the business.

While European legislations plan to widen the context of skill certification, extending its applicability beyond the perimeter of the so-called regulated professions, companies need to adapt quickly to the new context with appropriately selected, trained and qualified people.

Italian legislative decree 4 dated 14.01.2013 “Provisions regarding non-organised professions” broadens the scope of the certification and skills and extends its applicability beyond regulated professions.

Thanks to the skills developed in process and product certification, ICIM has developed an articulate proposal which includes both regulated certifications and voluntary certifications of professional roles.


  • Certification of operators who use fluorinated gas (Reg. CE 2015/2067, 2015/2066, 304/2008, 306/2008) and qualification according to Reg. CE 307.
  • EGE certification (according to UNI 11339) and Energy Auditors (EN 16247-5) pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 102/2014.
  • Certification of surveillance operators of natural gas distribution systems (UNI 11632) and operators of post-meter gas systems (UNI 11554).
  • Certification of welders and welding procedures according to UNI 9606 and UNI 14732 for metals and according to UNI 9737 for plastic materials, certification of brazers and brazing processes according to UNI 13585.
  • Certification of installers and maintenance technicians of fire doors (UNI 11473-3) extinguisher maintenance technicians (UNI 9994-2) and windows and doors installers (UNI 11673-2).
  • Certification of locksmiths and technicians of safes (UNI 11557).
  • Certification of security professionals (UNI 10459).
  • Certification of experts in planning and management control of the banking, finance and insurance sector (UNI 11602).
  • Project Manager certification (UNI 11648).
  • LCA expert certification.
  • In-house and catalogue training courses.
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