QRTIFY™: the first “certified” QR code


QRTIFY™ is the solution developed by ICIM to assess the truthfulness of products and systems and/or certificates and documents that certify the features of the products they are supplied with through a method that is easy to use and apply.
The QRTIFY™ solution, developed by ICIM in cooperation with the technological partner QIRIS, arises from the need to counter a current phenomenon that creates competitive distortions on the market as well as hazardous situations for customers and users in general. This concerns counterfeiting of products and systems or documents and certificates supplied with products/materials/systems.
The issue is far from new yet seems more widespread today due to broadening of areas of commercial interchange, progressive de-localisation of suppliers, entry of countries using inadequate commercial methods, the phenomenon of counterfeiting, difficulties in carrying out proper checks.

The QRTIFY™ solution is a registered trademark that integrates the potential offered by QR codes with cryptography methods combined with an interactive and dynamic system and uses Computer Vision technologies and Cloud systems for archiving, tracking, amendments and updates.
A series of safety systems make it possible to verify the authenticity of documents and certificates, products and systems, assuring the utmost protection thanks to encryption algorithm based systems.
QRTIFY™ is a versatile solution and customised based on the needs of the customer:

  • to certify the authenticity of materials, equipment and documents that have falsification issues;
  • for internal use and thus for document management of supporting proprietary certificates/documents, with streamlined communications with concerned parties
  • for document traceability. In the case of sectors where actions for periodic assessment/maintenance of equipment/products are required, using the system can both streamline communications between concerned parties and provides an effective ancillary tool for control of audits.

The company that uses the QRTIFY™ solution will provide all documentation related to the material/product/system (technical information, certificates …).
The documents are associated with a unique QRcode.
All the information, after digitalising, resides in a cloud server and is available to users authorised to use the QRTIFY™ solution.
Users are able to ascertain consistency between the information contained in the code and that on the product/system/ document, using the QRTFY APP.


  1. Look on Google “Play store”, “Apple Store” or “Windows Store”
  2. Look for “ICIM” or “QRTIFY”
  3. Click on QRTIFY™ APP and install

To read the QRTIFY™

  1. Launch the APP
  2. Click on “scan QRcode without login” (Android and Windows users) or “scan QRcode” (Apple users)
  3. Scan the QRcode

ICIM, as a third-party body, verifies through the QRTIFY™ solution the safety of the entire process, from system reliability to data confidentiality and management, as well as the consistency of the information contained in the QRTIFY™ with that which is actually communicated and stated on the product/document.

For further information: Marta Loi (phone +39 02 72534254, e-mail marta.loi@icim.it)