Quality Control Coordination


Quality control coordination (QCC) in managing orders within complex projects where various technical and management interfaces coexist may be required by a company. The company may in fact need to have a lean and flexible structure where the team in charge of managing individual orders is supported by external personnel based on work load needs.
The support by skilled technical personnel of proven experience and able to manage and coordinate quality control activities within a project, allows a company to achieve the objectives set for that contract.

ICIM provides skilled technical personnel (Quality Control Coordinator – QCC) to manage and coordinate quality control activities that include: receipt, review and sending of the documentation, planning and monitoring test, checks and inspection programs, management of ‘pre-inspection meeting’ at suppliers’ premises, qualification of new suppliers, review of quality control certificates, non conformity management and resolution, review of supply ‘final data book’ and continuous cooperation with the interfaces in charge.


  • Preparation and assessment of manufacturing and inspection plans.
  • Qualification of welding processes and welders.
  • Qualification of non-destructive testers (NDT).
  • Preparation and revision of welding and non destructive testing specifications.
For further information: Marco Croci (phone +39 02 72534257, e-mail marco.croci@icim.it)