Quality Inspection


Quality Inspection refers to the inspection, check and testing activity conducted on systems and highly complex job orders and mass consumption machinery and products with the aim of assessing conformity of the purchased products in connection to the purchase order as well as the applicable contractual technical specifications.

ICIM conducts Quality Inspection activities in all production supply chains in the most diverse sectors, from textile to furniture and more in general, in ‘non-food’.
In performing the activity, ICIM refers to the documentation arranged by the client – purchase order, inspection & test plan, applicable technical specifications and data sheets – and supports the client in defining inspection and testing specifications and, at the end of activities, sends to the client the written material Inspection Report and Release Note including appropriate photographic documentation certifying tests and checks were conducted, as well as the outcome of any tests and measurements performed on purchased products set forth by the specifications.


  • Analysis of the order and relevant specifications that allow the client to define methods and resources required for correct development and management of the order.
  • Supervision of checks and tests and analysis of results.
  • Activities for defining and planning tests, either destructive or not, and acceptance testing on products.
  • Supervision of tests for unique assessment of the results obtained and acceptability of the tested products based on the gathered objective evidence.

In many cases, the Quality Inspection activity goes hand in hand with Expediting.

For further information: Marco Croci (phone +39 02 72534257, e-mail marco.croci@icim.it)