UNI CEI 11352 – Energy service companies


Standard UNI IEC 11352, which jointly with UNI IEC EN ISO 50001 and UNI IEC 11339 complements the Energy Management regulatory framework, defines general requirements and the organisational, diagnostic, design, management, economic and financial abilities that an ESCo (Energy Service Company) must possess in order to be able to offer to its clients energy efficiency improvement services compliant with standard UNI IEC EN 15900 in order to increase the end user’s trust.
Nowadays, besides energy consumption, end users require guarantees and services that are deeply changing the relationship between manufacturing, distribution and procurement. Within this framework, ESCOs are the go-to partners for companies and public administrations that set themselves targets for energy efficiency and to improve the use of energy.

In an increasingly competitive market in energy management services, certification according to UNI IEC 11352 is a tool that ensures one’s clients have the necessary organisational and technical abilities to assure actual results in terms of improving energy efficiency.
Since 18 July 2016, certification according to standard UNI IEC 11352 is a mandatory requirement for ESCOs that intend to perform the following activities:

  • take part in the white certificate mechanism filing new standard, analytical and final balance projects;
  • perform energy diagnoses pursuant to Legislative Decree 102.

The certification according to UNI IEC 11352 gives the ESCos a series of benefits on the market:

  • improving the image with clients;
  • provide better guarantees to the financial sector in case of applying for loans;
  • complying, albeit in voluntary terms, with requirements approved by the competent authorities;
  • being supported in the relationship with partners supplying energy efficiency solutions or with complementary skills for possible business integrations.

In relation to one’s organisation, the certification promotes:

  • improved ability in analysis of the technical and financial risks related to the acquisition of a contract;
  • greater involvement of personnel;
  • the implementation of a business model recognised as industry best practice.

ICIM is a body accredited by ACCREDIA for certification of Companies that provide energy services (ESCo) according to standard UNI IEC 11352:2014.

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