UNI/EN 14065 – Biocontamination control


Standard UNI EN 14065 indicates a management system that is able to offer a microbiological quality level based on the intended use of the textile and is based on Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control – RABC.
The RABC system applies to textiles treated in industrial laundries and used in specific sectors and excludes aspects related to worker safety and sterility of the finished product.
The RABC system covers the entire process, from collection of dirty items to delivery of ready-to-use products, which must have guaranteed microbiological quality throughout the process up to delivery of garments.
For specific public and industrial sectors such as hospitals, health, foodstuff, fine food, hotels and pharmaceuticals, attention to the microbiological quality of products is important and functional as it is a distinctive feature of the quality of service offered to the customer.

Certification provides objective elements on the biocontamination control system, and allows one to stand out from the competition, to bid for public tenders with more significant credentials.
Standard ISO EN 14065:2016 has been available as of 30 June 2016, updating and upgrading the application requirements of the Management System set forth by the 2004 edition of the standard.
As was the case with the previous edition of the standard, the approach of this new revision continues being consistent with ISO 9001 as similar specific requirements are set forth.
The organisations already possessing ISO 9001 certification may request integrated audits with the two certification schemes achieving technical as well as economic synergies.

ACCREDIA does not provide for a specific accreditation scheme for standard UNI EN 14065, but the certification is issued by Bodies that must prove they have experience in the sector.

ICIM, leader in the laundry sector, has accrued significant experience in companies of varying sizes, using auditors of high professional standing and experts in biological checks.

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