Vendor Management System


The assessment of suppliers able to meet requirements of quality, price, delivery times and reliability is a critical process because it affects the company’s competitiveness and may determine its success on the market.
Setting up a Vendor Management system and outsourcing supplier assessment activities is an opportunity for companies that intend to have guarantees on suppliers’ professionalism.

ICIM performs activities for assessing and classifying suppliers to enter them in the Qualified Vendor Register and to control them (Vendor Management System) thanks to the skills accrued in the sector of Quality, Environment and Safety system certifications in compliance with the relevant standards and thanks to the use of a group of Coordinators and Auditors of proven experience and abilities in managing company processes and in technical aspects related to the product supplied.


  • Desk audit on the Quality Management System aspects and where appropriate for safety and Environment.
  • Desk audit of the supplier’s technical ability to produce the products and deliver the required service.
  • Field audit for assessing the Quality, Safety and Environment System.
  • Field audit for assessing the technical skills and assessing design, production and support processes.
  • Activities to prepare and update the sheets of products, goods, services that represent the purchase specifications required for selecting and choosing Suppliers who must meet the requirements set out in the sheets.

Furthermore, ICIM provides to the company its specific experience in managing Vendor Management services accrued thanks to the activities performed for leading companies in the Energy distribution sector and Oil & Gas business.

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