Welders and welding procedures


Welding is a special process due to the many variables that may affect the reliability of the joint hence its ability to withstand strain and maintain its features over time.
To construct items by welding, companies are subject to the application of codes and requirements indicated by the standards of reference for design and production.
Production codes and standards UNI EN 1090 and UNI EN ISO 3834 require both welding processes and welders to undergo qualification and be certified.  

Certification proves reliability of the joint in connection to the reliability of welding processes and the skill and authorisation to operate of professional welders, either manual or automatic and proves that the end product “as welded” is able to properly perform the task it has been designed for.

ICIM is an ACCREDIA accredited Body for certification of welding processes, of Welders and Welding Operators pursuant to EN and ASME/AWS Standards.

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